The Apple vs. Google war will never end at this point, and now Google’s Android is doing a great job catching up to iOS in terms of applications. At the time of this writing, the App Store houses just over 233,000 apps. Today, Google has announced that Android has over 70,000 applications as well as over 1 billion app downloads. 

This is a huge growth for Android, as just a year ago, the amount of Android apps, was no where near iOS. Now that the 6-figure mark was crossed by Google’s Android, Apple has some serious competition crawling up their sleeves. Google announced a few weeks ago, that they are activating an average of 160,000 Android phones each day. That’s a new phone every two seconds. Compare that to Apple selling an iPad every three seconds. Apple, you need to watch you back! Especially with all your antenna issues among others. 

The live financial conference call is going on right now and you can listen in here via YouTube.

via Engadget.

Correction: Fortune Google 24/7 corrects the 100k statement by saying it actually is 70,000 apps. This does not really change the gulp of our story as it still shows Android is catching up. Nice catch, Fortune. 

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