The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple did in fact know about the antenna issues in the iPhone 4 prior to release. The issues stem from the new antenna system banded around the device. This piece of stainless steel not only is the main structural element of the phone, but it’s the outer antenna …and it looks pretty good.

This “looks pretty good” element is what kept it on the device even though Apple knew about its repercussions. It is reported that as early as a year ago, Apple engineers knew of the detrimental issues that turned into this PR nightmare. One year seems like enough time for a company like Apple to rethink and redesign something like an antenna. 

It is also stated that Steve Jobs, made the official decision to keep design over function, by keeping the nice antenna even though it would possibly create the havoc seen today. Apple did not even provide the cellular and data carriers with much testing time or many devices prior to the June 24th product launch. 

Bloomberg went on the record to state that a Senior Engineer working on the antenna at Apple made his way to Jobs and informed him of the issue. Apple completely refutes Bloomberg’s claim with the bold statement, “We challenge Bloomberg BusinessWeek to produce anything beyond rumors to back this up. It’s simply not true.

Apple is still sticking to their fences, and hopefully tomorrow we will hear the truth, and nothing but it, from Steve Jobs himself. 

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