While there is no official statement from HTC, their Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg Manager, Mark Moons responded over Twitter (thanks @jimmycappaert):

1) http://twitter.com/markmoons/status/18702074270

“Loopt Jobs nou te mauwen over de ontvangst van concurrenten om zijn eigen designfout goed te praten? Ik zal het wel verkeerd zien…”

“Is Jobs really commenting on other manufacturers’ reception to make up for his own design flaw? I’m surely seeing this wrong …”

2) http://twitter.com/markmoons/status/18702370046

“….ok, Ben gestopt met het volgen van dat huilverhaal van dat vruchtje…. heb betere dingen te doen… Hij maakt de industrie zwart…”

“… okay, I’ve stopped following the cry story of the ‘litte fruit’ … got better things to do … He’s making the whole industry look bad …”

3) http://twitter.com/markmoons/status/18705314374

“LOL… Ik krijg veel reply-tweets van mensen die willen weten hoe ze hun HTC moeten vasthouden om de ontvangst te laten verdwijnen…”

“LOL … I’m getting a lot of tweets from people who want to know how to hold their HTC in the wrong way, to lose reception …”

4) http://twitter.com/markmoons/status/18705540497 (already in English)

“I don’t know, guys, I don’t know how to hold an HTC device to make it lose a perfectly good reception…. ;-)”

5) http://twitter.com/markmoons/status/18757311072 (already in English)

“Looking at the responses by the industry, yesterday’s press conference might make a nice marketing case for students in 2020.”

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