Earlier today, Apple’s retail store reservation system pointed to a wide range of unavailability for the Mac Pro. After looking back through the system many stores point to the iMac being unavailable as well. We scanned through multiple stores in multiple states and many of them indicate that the iMac 27 inch Core i5 model is unavailable and a few stores also pointed to the lack of the higher-end iMac 21.5 inch models. 


While the retail store reservation system points to this “unavailable” state, the online store still ships all iMac models within 24 hours. Just yesterday we reported that the iMac was due for a refresh very soon. We imagine this upgrade won’t consist of a design change as the iMac line was recently overhauled with larger HD displays and quad-core processors in October 2009. 

The iMac line will most likely receive speed-bumps and the wider availability of quad-core processors throughout the line. There have also been rumors of USB 3.0 coming to the Mac and of course there’s the everlasting rumor of blu-ray, which probably won’t happen as it’s a “bag of hurt”.

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