Back in the olden days Dell had a much bigger market share than Apple and offered products at prices Apple couldn’t match — those days are gone. Today, Apple announced it will be offering a superbly specced 27-inch LED display for just $999 — and that’s cheaper than the Dell dude, dude.
See, Dell offers its own UltraSharp U2711 27-inch monitor. It costs $1,099. It’s a good display (if you don’t like curves) and it has the same LG hardware inside, but doesn’t offer what Apple does in its new monitor — which costs $100 less!

Apple gives you:

2,560-x-1,440 res screen
A powered USB hub (Dell haz this)
iSight camera and mic
MagSafe connector
Integrated speakers 

“With its massive 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, the new 27-inch LED Cinema Display is a perfect fit with our powerful new Mac Pro, and it gives iMac users an easy way to double their screen real estate,” said Philip Schiller, Apple

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