A relatively pleasant start to the day boosted by a good news story about the jolly old iPad and its use as a wireless wine catalogue for use in a swanky NYC restaurant.

Siure, it may be that the South Gate restaurant just off Central Park (154 Central Park South between 6th and 7th Avenues, NYC) may be well beyond my meager budget, but it is nice to think of all those NY socialites buzzing and cooing as they choose their wines using an Apple iPad.

See, South Gate has created its own custom wireless iPad wine tablets exclusively designed to navigate its extensive wine list. The new iPad wine tablet features the SmartCellar application designed by the New York-based company Incentient.

Diners get to choose from 650 choice vintages with detailed info on all the wines and regions. and lots of pretty pictures, as you’d expect from the restaurant with its design credits and “seasonally-inspired modern American menu”.

That’s the story, now let’s all go an hit refresh on the AAPL store, just in case, you know, anything happens there…

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