Yet more evidence iPad is a more than just a netbook-killer — it is also expanding what computing devices can be used for. Last week we spoke about a posh NYC restaurant which now offers its wine lists using an iPad, now we learn international hotel chain, Sofitel, is offering iPads pre-populated with newspapers to some of its guests.

Meanwhile, publishing industry magnates are furious with Apple because it won’t yet allow them to charge subscription fees from within their apps. However, it is thought that while the publishers seek to keep all the cash from subs sales, AAPL wants its 30 percent. I anticipate a deal will be reached.

Back to Sofitel, and guests staying in high class suites in Paris, London (above), Munich and Brussels get lent iPads during their stay. They can use these to “choose from a selection of six newspapers and magazines for each of the six selected countries: the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the US,” reports Travolution.

Sofitel will in future expand the iPad news service across its worldwide network of 130 properties.

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