Here’s iLounges new sourced info with some additions from us:

  • They think that new 1.7 inch screen is coming to the iPod Shuffle (probably eliminating the ‘shuffle’ brand – good?)
  • New iPods coming at some point between Tuesday and September (shocker – there wil be an event in September like the last 5 years).
  • The big deal is that there will be a 7-inch iPad released at that point.  We’ve also heard this and can add that there will be a much higher density screen which will be labeled “Retina Display” and have something like an insane 1500×1920 type pixel display (think four iPhone 4 screens). We’re hearing front facing camera on this one too.
  • They say the new iPhone 5 has been pushed up to a January release – seems sketchy however.
  • Something about bumpers being updated or something.

iLounge has a pretty good record on these types of leaks and we’ve been hearing the same type of talk on the iPad so we’re putting it out there.  Thoughts?


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