Barron’s has a set of predictions today from BMO Capital analcyst Keith Bachman:

  • For starters, he sees the company launching two new iPods in September (SHOCKER – also swallows returning to Capistrano)
  • More interestingly, he thinks that 1.7 inch Apple screen (BTW-original site got a C&D order) will be the new window into a smaller Nano, which will also “do away with the physical scroll wheel” (current one isn’t physical – but whatever) which likely indicates that the screen will be touch enabled.  All 1.7 inches of it.  I guess thats enough to imitate the features of a scroll wheel.  Or perhaps the back will be touchy scrolly?
  • He also thinks, based on supplier checks, that Apple will release two new MacBook Airs in September as well.  These will be cheaper and therefore appeal to a much broader audience.  (If they still top out at 2GB of RAM, non-upgradable, I’ll kick a puppy!)  Frankly, Apple should make MacBook Airs their primary MacBooks.  Most people don’t need to lug around a DVD drive with them everywhere (USB!) and SSD’s will be dropping in price over the next few years.
  • Also iPhone still selling like hotcakes (uses 3 week lead time on website as proof).  Story at 11.

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