We know from last year, that case manufacturers can be wrong on their iPod form factor guesses.  No less than five or six were making iPod touch cases with holes in the center for cameras in a design which Apple chose not to follow (though plenty of prototypes have turned up with this design – it is easy to speculate that the rogue Apple employee might have leaked these?)

Fast forward to today, where we are seeing the first such iPod 4G cases.  These seem to have a camera in the same general area as the iPhone.

There has been some concern about whether or not the thickness of the iPod would allow for cameras as good as the iPhone 4’s 5-megapixel beauty.

We’re pretty sure Apple’s going to find a way to squeeze something good in there.  But, will it fit in this case?  From last year, we know you have to wait until Jobs makes an announcement to find out.  Another shot below.  (Thanks Dhobbs!)

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