Within testing the next iteration of iOS, v4.1, Apple may be testing a shadowy third product along with the expected future iPod touch and iPad. Is this a new 7-inch iPad, an Apple TV or a completely new product?

The latest beta of iOS 4.1, due to ship in the coming weeks, includes three new “Configuration Descriptors” within its USB configuration files. These descriptions all relate to products described as made by Apple Inc.

We know to expect an iPod touch revision, and this is referred to in the description as iPod 4.1. The new model is expected to include an A4 processor, a high quality display, Facetime support and dual cameras.

The second code refers to an iPad, the third relates to a product with the unique ID of 20547, but — teasing the faithful — is referred to within the software as “Unknown – Add device descriptor info for this device.”

Interesting huh? What do you think this might be?

Via: MR

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