Earlier today, purported 4th-gen iPod touch cases emerged with a slot for a back camera as well as cases for the rumored touch-screen iPod nano without a click wheel. Tonight, iLounge is reporting on more details they have garnered from their well-informed sources.

Supposedly the upcoming iPod touch is confirmed to be carrying a back-camera and this is something we are all pretty certain about. The brand-new details unearthed tonight are a completely new back coming to the iPod touch. This back will lose the contour curvature from recent generations and revert back to something similar to first generation iPod touch design. (Remember: This follows what our sources told us back in early July)

Think of the lid of a MacBook Pro; the direct top/center of the lid is completely flat but the sides are slightly curved. The change will be fairly different from the 2nd/3rd generation touch but similar to the first generation with some unspecified changes (Or as a commenter pointed out, think of the first-gen iPhone’s back). Another point is the hole directly beside the back-camera slot. It is unclear if this is for an LED flash like on the iPhone 4 or for a microphone.

Many signs point to the hole as a spot for a noise-suppressing microphone similar to those on the back of the 5th generation iPod nano, top of the iPhone 4, and the back of prototype 3rd generation iPod touches with cameras. Following the iPod touch design from the beginning, the 30 pin dock port and earphone jack will stay at the device’s bottom.

Going back to cases, a few more designs emerged tonight and you can catch them after the break:

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