Screw it, we’re embedding Flash for people not able to view:

In about a half hour, we’ll be tuning into AppleTV, just as we expect many of you will, to see what new toys and tricks Apple has up its sleeve.  While we’ll be creating separate pages for each new product, we’ll keep a tally of them below

If you are so inclined, please join our chat by clicking the Chat button in the lower left hand corner of the page (Mac/PC only). Updated reverse chronologically below:

Screw it, I’m just watching – talk in the comments.

9:50 Watching the video here. Panning around audience.  Quality is good.

9:50 Gizmodo has a Flash version going. seems pretty choppy.

9:42: Here’s your URL everyone:

9:40 Jonny sends a picture in from Apple London Media event (looks kinda busy!):

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