Our old friend Digitimes has another interesting tale up today.  They’re forecasting lots of smaller screen MacBooks being sold in 2010.  Yes 2010 is almost over isn’t it?

Quanta has reportedly landed orders for 11.6-inch MacBooks from Apple. Shipments of 11.6-inch MacBooks are expected to top 400,000-500,000 units in 2010.

(*Looks at watch*) It is now September 2010 so that would mean that Apple would be updating its MacBook line in oh, say October, with smaller more bad ass new products, perhaps with external USB3 Superdrives that blur the lines between MacBook and MacBook Air.

Oh, and don’t you dare call it a Netbook!

Images via Russian Fantasyland

Just for good measure, we’re putting in another request for the 15″ Pro-Air with 1080P display, 8GB of RAM, 3G and…. lasers.  Just please stop with the carbon fiber BS, ok?

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