Here’s an issue with Apple doing ads:  Some ads just suck, yet the companies who want to put them up still want to cough up the money to place ads.

Most ads companies wouldn’t bat an eye at putting up some bad ads.  Annoying flashing ads?  Sure!

Apple however, isn’t most ad companies.  For instance, Business Insider reports that the third attempt to submit an ad wasn’t the charm for Addidas, who are going to take their $10 million dollars elsewhere.

Adidas supposedly pulled its $10+ million ad campaign from the iAd program because Apple CEO Steve Jobs was being too much of a control freak. According to one industry exec, Adidas decided to cancel its iAds after Apple rejected its creative concept for the third time.

Perhaps Jobs would have gone easier on New Balance?

The WSJ announced earlier that premium brand Chanel had pulled out of Apple’s iAd program with similar issues.

It is interesting that Apple has taken such an active role in advertising development and its curation doesn’t end at iOS apps, but actually the ads which appear inside them.

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