As we all know by now, FaceTime for iOS does not work in multiple Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, and Kuwait. The reason has never completely been determined, but according to Apple and other sources, the reason lies with the mobile phone carriers. Now that FaceTime for Mac is out, people have wondered if the same restrictions would apply.

SaudiMac notes that FaceTime for Mac does not allow you to select Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, or Egypt as your location. This means that FaceTime for Mac is not really supposed to be supported for users in those nations. Just because you are in one of those locations does not stop you from telling FaceTime that you are in the United States, for example. Simply put your location as another country and you’re good to go; FaceTime for Mac will work. For those whose FaceTime already has the United States (or another supported location) as the default country, just don’t change it.

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