Yet more information on the iPhone which doesn’t yet exist! And no, I’m not talking about the mythical, nay, almost unicorn-like white iPhone 4 fantasy creature, but the CDMA iPhone for use on networks outside of AT&T.

Pegatron Technology has been identified as manufacturer of the new model CDMA iPhone, and a report in today’s edition of Digitimes tells us that company expects to ship 10 million of these things next year.

More than this, Pegatron is ramping up its manufacturing base for these things, installing new machinery and hiring a several legions of new employees (10,000, in fact) to make the Apple mobiles.

Pegatron boss Jason Chang wouldn’t say anything about Apple, but was seen to say that the staff increase was mainly “to handle growing smartphone business”, and to predict strong revenues in 2011.

Pegatron is also reportedly attempting to secure manufacturing orders for MacBooks and iPads.

The big news? Pegatron will start shipping the CDMA iPhone 4 in December…”

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