BusinessInsider is reporting that Apple is building a new office to house its iAds team.  iAds reps have been working out of Apple’s Citi building presence in Midtown but is looking to purchase or lease space around Union Square.

Apple is building a new office in Manhattan for its iAd mobile ads sales team, we’ve heard from multiple sources. We’ve heard Apple is going to set up shop near Union Square..

I don’t know about “building” a new office or whether it will just knock down a few walls and floors in an already built structure.  Apple has certainly ramping up its headcount, advertising for 12 iAds jobs in NYC alone in the past 10 days (above).

Most big advertisers have a connection with New york and “Madison Avenue” and having local access to them is important. Google is rumored to have purchased a whole city block of Manhattan for its New York presence.

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