An interesting little exchange of words went down at the XSanity forums this weekend. After Friday’s news of the death of the Xserve, Eric Zelenka, Apple Senior Worldwide Product Marketing Manager for server, storage, and management products, chimed in with something to rest everyone’s beating hearts.

Apple remains committed to the development of server products, technologies and services. Today’s announcement does not impact the future of Xsan or server software on Mac OS X.

A little over nine hours later, he deleted the message.  Why?

In order of likelyhood:

1. NO ONE is permitted to speak on behalf of Apple unless authorized by the Jobs.  Zelenka got a face-full of proverbial backhand and told to take down his message.

2. That wasn’t really Zelenka and the poster didn’t like getting famous

3. Whether they have long term plans or not, an official statement like this is grounds for lawsuits or sumthin’ if Apple does decide to kill off server in the future.

4. Apple is phasing out OSX server as it moves to appliances and cloud to handle server duties.

5. _____________(Fill in the blank in the comments.)

via MacEnterprise group

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