Here’s a rundown of Apple products dicounted around the web.  As always check the Toys section for the latest deals.

AT&T takes $100 off iPhones (refurbs.) iPhone 4 is $99 for the 16GB model and $200 for the 32GB model.

Apple offers the best price on the iPad starting at $458.  They take $41 off each model.

iPods are almost universally cheapest at Amazon who are selling the 8GB for $175 ($200 with a $25 gift card). The 32GB iPod touch is $260 ($280 with a $20 gift certificate) and 64GB iPod touch is  $350 ($370-$20 gift card).

iPod nano 8GB are $130 ($140 with $10 Gift Certificate) 16GB are $170.

iPod shuffles are $47

Macs are cheapest at MacConnection or Amazon.  Prices have been fluctuating all day so check for lowest prices.

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