Android may be heading toward becoming the dominant mobile OS on strength of simply being ‘good enough’, but Apple’s iPhone remains the best, building user loyalty no other platform currently possesses.

New research from GfK says nearly 60 percent of iPhone owners plan to stay loyal to Apple — compare this with competitors, the percentage of how many owners plan to say loyal follow:

  • 35 percent of BlackBerry
  • 28 per cent Android
  • 24 per cent Symbian
  • 21 percent Windows Mobile

Symbian may be the leading mobile OS at present, but if it loses those 76 percent of users who are currently disloyal, it won’t be hard to budge. And recent lefesetz letter criticism of RIM sees tht company chasing trends “poorly” as its loyalty fades.

Google’s OS may be reaching lots of people, but it isn’t reaching their hearts.

GfK’s research is based on an online survey of 2,653 mobile users in Brazil, Germany, Spain, the UK, the US and China.

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