So, we had a little idea. To celebrate the opening of promo codes globally, we thought it would be nice for developers to hook us up with codes to distribute to our Twitter followers.  The response was overwhelming with over 100 developers responding in just the first hour.  We’re not going to continue tweeting them (sorry Twitter followers, we underestimated the response) at the 9to5mac twitter account.

The Good News: If developers want to Tweet some codes for their Apps, please do it yourself with the following hashtag: #9to5macHolidayPromoCodes

iOS app users can follow #9to5macHolidayPromoCodes here for free promo codes for paid apps.  Hopefully we can get it trending and get some publicity for indy developers and at the same time get our readers some free quality apps.

So, just as a guideline developers, here’s what a good tweet will look like:

In the meantime, we’ll tweet a few more at @9to5toys.  Let’s keep it going all month long!

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