There’s been an unconscionable gap in time since the last time anyone mentioned the Mac App Store might build the market for Mac software, so here’s an early sighting — this Tweet from Evernote (fab app) which tells us, well, it suggests some (ahem) strong early interest in buying from the store.

On price, then ponder the words of respected Mac developer, Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of Bare Bones Software, Inc, (they make BBEdit, TextWrangler, and my essential friend, Yojimbo) who told me today:

“In some application genres, such as games, I suspect we’ll see Mac applications coming in at price points that are influenced by what we’ve seen in the iOS app store. For value-added and value-generating software, such as the products we produce, I think we’ll see price points closer to what’s currently available outside of the Mac App Store. I’m sure that some established developers will try to cut their prices; only time will tell if those prices are sustainable for good quality software.”


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