Is this the iPad 2.0 display?

Time to declare this weekend for the biggest batch of iPad 2.0 rumors yet, with news on the processor, much-improved graphics and a much better display hitting the wires, this morning we have the latest images of claimed components for Apple’s soon-to-be-updated industry-defining tablet device.

MacRumors tells us about GlobalDirectParts, who found what the company (who recently published the later removed iPhone 5 video) has published as images of the ‘iPad 2 LCD Screen’ and an ‘iPad Vibrating Motor’. The iPad has no motor — we’re wondering if any enterprising developers out there can track some existing beta code for force feedback on the device?

Interesting note on price: the new screen is listed as $218.19 (though it isn’t in stock); the old iPad screen costs $63.35 now, but around $144.99 in June 2010. Could this suggest a high-end iPad is planned? (iPad Pro?)

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