Job listings mentioning the LTE wireless data technology have appeared in Apple’s database before, but none of these listings have been like what we have just found. Those jobs listings mentioned LTE technology-familiarity as a skill, but now we have discovered a job that lists the integration of LTE in iOS devices as a “specific duty.”

Specific Duties – Implementation, Integration, customization, enhancement and maintenance of L1-3 Protocols for one or more of the following air interface: GSM/UMTS, CDMA (1x/EVDO), LTE etc.

Apple’s job listings are usually a good indication of what’s to come, and Apple listing the integration of LTE in their iOS devices as a specific duty, is definitely an indication that they are building and potentially planning to sell devices with an LTE 4G data connection. Many were surprised that Apple’s CDMA-version of the iPhone does not support LTE, but there is the possibility that a new iPhone in June will support this technology.

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