We’re hearing from some Verizon customers that their Verizon iPhones are stuck in Memphis due to weather.  Flights have been cancelled or delayed pushing deliveries back from today to Monday.

All Verizon iPhones are being distributed through the Memphis hub, which is severely restricted today with many flights cancelled due to the snowstorms last night

We’ve also recieved these unconfirmed numbers:

250,000 units were ordered of the Verizon iPhone 4 before sales were closed.

100,000 had been ordered by noon yesterday.

Update: We’ve heard from a lot of you that your iPhones are going out thru Memphis on UPS and they haven’t got the same warnings (screenshot below) but there is this

Here is the most recent.  I just got off the phone with a UPS customer rep and she confirmed it is NOT stuck in memphis.  I’ll keep you updated as I get them/see them online?

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