Some interesting MacBook Pro possibilities coming out of BGR this afternoon.  Here are the Cliff’s Notes:

  1. The trackpads will be bigger than before.  Looking down at my MacBook Pro, I’m not sure that’s possible, but it couldn’t hurt – unless it accidentally triggers from my wrists. Clearly, history dictates that trackpads continue to grow as models are updated.
  2. OS on 8-16GB SSD.  This is the big one.  BGR says that some MB Pros will ship with integrated SSDs which house the OS.  I’ve been talking about this since 2008 so I’m clearly for this idea.  However, that would take some reconfiguring of the OS (symbolic links, etc.) which I’m not so sure will appear in 10.6.7.  The idea is that the OS and maybe the Applications are on a speedy, relatively small SSD saving money while the user’s media is on a cheaper, larger HDD.  Love it. Also, BGR’s source could be referring to Hybrid drives like Seagate’s Momentus which integrate a 8GB SSD drive into a 7200RPM traditional HDD.  My results with this particular drive have been mediocre.
  3. Finally, the new MBPs will weigh less…an average of a half pound per model.  We’re not sure how (liquid metal?) but we’re all for it.

We’re a few days away and surprisingly no one has gotten an event notification.  Events mean bigger changes so take that for what it is worth.

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