Apple showed its HDMI mirroring product with little fanfare yesterday but more than one commenter has us thinking that this might be an interesting gaming option.  Obviously Angry birds mirrored onto an HDTV won’t change the world, but perhaps playing some of the more hard core games over a wire might be something special.

Think about it.  You’ve got a device in your hands that has a multi-touch screen, accelerometer, gyro and a crazy hardcore 1080P graphics processor.

And it is connected to your HDTV with mirroring. OK, that connector could be a lot less bulky.

Also rememeber AirPlay has a slight delay so you can’t really game the same way you can over a wire.

So, while Apple shows a teacher plugging in an iPad to her HDTV, we’re thinking that’s a great way to play games.  Thoughts?  Yay or nay?


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