Right on time… Digitimes reports that Apple has lowered GSM and CDMA iPhone 4 production ahead of the September launch for the fifth-generation iPhone – “iPhone 4S.” The report says that “Apple has lowered its expected shipment volume of iPhone 4 for the second quarter of 2011 from 20 million units, to 17.5-18 million units consisting of 16 million units of the 3G version and 1.5-2 million units of the CDMA version.”

The report also says that the “iPhone 4S” will include an 8 megapixel camera developed by OmniVision and Largan Precision. Production of this new iPhone is said to begin in August, which is not far off from Reuters’ late July claims from a few weeks back. The iPhone 4S will also include an A5 dual-core processor, as we reported last month. The phone might also include T-Mobile and Sprint support – but will lack any major design changes. Another report says that the 4S is unlikely to carry LTE – that’s likely coming in 2012.


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