Is Aperture coming to iPad?

See the above illustration? Apple has used it in one of their many patent applications to envision the Aperture user interface on a touch screen device. If that drawing is anything to go by, Aperture could be in the works for iPad. Said patent application surfaced in the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s database, entitled “Docking User Interface Elements”. The document goes to great lengths to describe a heads-up display of sorts to interact with a touch-enabled version of Aperture. Why does it matter?


Although only the accompanied drawing mentions Aperture by name, Patently Apple pointed at touch screen implementation examples that include handhelds like the iPad and future desktops and laptops with touch displays. Don’t get too excited because, you know, it’s a patent.

Apple, of course, has demonstrated willingness to transform  desktop productivity applications into groundbreaking tablet experiences. If GarageBand, iWork and iMovie for iPad are signs of things to come, it could be safe to assume that at some point Aperture might make its way to iPad.

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