If you thought linking an external storage to a Cinema Display over a single Thunderbolt cable was cool, check out Thunderbolt edition of LaCie’s Little Big Disk. This nice-looking drive would pass as an everyday external storage if it weren’t for its Thunderbolt interface that Apple and Intel jointly developed. You can daisy-chain five of these via Thunderbolt, link them to a high-end display and still move data in and out at breakneck-speeds. Slashgear reports about a little demo LaCie showed off at Computex:


The configuration involved linking together up to five LaCie Little Big Disks to a high-end display. Multiple full uncompressed HD 1080p content was able to be streamed at speeds up to 835MB/s, which according to LaCie is the fastest performance achieved by any mobile storage solution.

LaCie bragged about the achievement in a press release which points out that the above configuration easily supports “several 1080p uncompressed streams of HD video in Final Cut Pro”. And if you order a brand spanking new 27-inch iMac that sports two Thunderbolt ports, you can create the ultimate video editing rig for professional use. Want more? Check out AnandTech’s impressions of a Thunderbolt-enabled storage system from Promise.

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