This isn’t a joke – these are the real renderings that Steve Jobs showed the council

You think the WWDC is the biggest thing on Steve Jobs’ agenda this week?  Maybe not.  He gave his presentation for the use of the 150 acres that Apple bought from HP earlier this year to the Cupertino City Council today.  In a world: Unbelievable.

Apple’s plan is for 12,000 people in one building.  As a comparison, the Pentagon is about 20,000.

Jobs called the new building “a spaceship” and said Apple will use its experience in building retail store masterpieces to construct this “architectural landmark”.  Parking underneath, the building would perhaps be used for events like the WWDC – Jobs mentioned that it would have a large auditorium and a single cafeteria that could seat 3,000 at a time.

Jobs says he wants to double the trees on the site and put up an apricot orchard, just like where he grew up in the Valley.  Jobs also said, “There is not a straight piece of glass in this building, it’s all curved. We used our experience making retail buildings all over the world now, and we know how to make the biggest pieces of glass in the world for architectural use. And, we want to make the glass specifically for this building here. We can make it curve all the way around the building… It’s pretty cool.”

He wants to generate his own power using natural gas and other greener and more efficient fuels and use the grid as backup.  They plan to break ground next year and to move in by 2015.


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