also shows the Mac mini as backordered

Proven sources familiar with Best Buy’s distribution centers have told 9to5Mac that supplies of both the Mac mini and Airport Extreme are exceptionally low. In fact, shipments of Apple’s Airport Extreme WiFi base station have stopped coming into major distribution centers that cover the west coast of the United States. Additionally, individual Best Buy stores across the nation are low on Mac minis and are not expecting many more shipments.

Given the fact that both the Airport Extreme and Mac mini are due for a refresh and given that our sources familiar with Apple’s global distribution plans have already told us that both supplies for the Mac mini and Airport extreme are low, we think the aforementioned situation at Best Buy lends credence to imminent refreshes for both the Mac mini and Airport Extreme. Of course, the Best Buy shortages could be a coincidence, but we think the former is more likely.

In addition, a number of readers have noticed that Apple’s Time Capsule stock is running low on Apple’s own online store in various countries including the Canada, New Zealand, and Australia stores.

Update: Major UK retailer John Lewis went dry on both 11.6 inch models and the entry level 13.3 inch model.

Update 2: Tawain Economic Daily says late June launch for new MacBook Air line.

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