Images of the Campania store in Italy’s Caserta province courtesy of

Continuing on its aggressive goal to open twenty new retail stores before the end of September (here and here), Apple posted three new store openings in Italy, Canada and Germany. The Campania store, north of Naples in Italy’s Caserta province will be the company’s hundredth retail spot outside the United States. The store, Apple’s seventh in the country, is set to open at 10am this coming Saturday.

Also on Saturday, another grand store opening is scheduled at 9:30am local time in Augsburg, Germany, the City Galerie store. The third store opening is planned at the Mapleview Centre located in the town of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, seen below. The Mapleview Centre store will be Apple’s 21st store in Canada. As always, the first 1,000 visitors at each of the three stores will get a free T-shirt.

The Mapleview Center store in Burlington, Canada. Photo courtesy of

As noted by ifoAppleStore, Apple is set to open at least thirteen other stores by the end of September, including that landmark Hong Kong store. The company is also hoping to open a brand new, grandiose Grand Central Terminal store in New York City by Christmas and is in the process of replacing the iconic glass cube on the New York’s Fifth Avenue store.

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