A report from MacRumors claims the iPhone prototype codenamed “N94” has gained FCC ID “BCG-E2430A”, thanks to a file that has been added in the latest iOS 5 Beta 7 release. This provides yet more proof that Apple is moving closer towards the unveiling of this rumoured iPhone 4 variant. The actual FCC filing is yet to show up in the equipment authorization database, but the discovery comes from a file named “RegulatoryInfo-N94AP@2x~iphone.png” as related to the General > About > Regulatory section of the device’s Settings app. 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman dug up the image (above).

This newly discovered FCC ID compares to the GSM iPhone 4’s “BCG-E2380A” identifier and the CDMA iPhone 4’s “BCG-E2422A” ID. MacRumors notes that Apple products typically don’t show up in the data FCC’s database until the same day the products are unveiled.

This follows our report that we found references to the “N94″ in the iOS 5.0 SDK earlier this year, and leaked images of the mystery device’s back cover discovered by MacPost. Whether this is an next-gen iPhone 5 or the much rumored iPhone 4S, we’ll most likely have to wait till the fall to find out.

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