Mac Mini Vault just announced a customized 48U APC cabinet that accommodates colocation of up to 140 Mac Minis, allowing for a high-density, high-efficiency data center solution.

Shelves specifically designed for the machine make for easy access to all power buttons and ports, with individual slots pre-wired for internet connectivity and power. Tied to the network connection are several Cisco Gigabit Switches with “redundant fiber connections to the data center’s backbone network”.

Each cabinet provides remote power cycling capability thanks to six APC switched Power Distribution Units. The PDUs themselves are powered by an APC UPS with Generac generators for back up.

Also on offer is the Mac Mini Vault RAID Storage Vault service, which will allow you to expand up to 9TB of direct-attached storage for $350/monthly. The Mac Mini Vault colocation service starts at $29.99/monthly (which includes 500GB transfer and 15Mb/s burstable speeds) and also offers an Enterprise package for $50/month (1TB transfer, 30Mb/s). You can check out the sign-up page here.

The company has also recently posted a “Why a Mac Mini?” page detailing the efficiency of their solution and running Apple’s new i5/i7 Mac mini as a cost-effective e-mail server, ftp server, offsite backup, web server etc.┬áMac Mini Valut is operated by CyberLynk Networks with data centers located 80 miles north of Chicago. You can get a good look at the Mac Mini Vault cabinet in the gallery after the break.

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From the press release:

Mac Mini Vault is a part of the CyberLynk Family of Technology Companies. This organizational structure provides the building blocks of great customer service and support. CyberLynk owns the physical data center, IP addressing, and infrastructure. Skilled and experienced CyberLynk Engineers provide around the clock support. Phone support is available during business days as is Free HandsOn Support. The Free Hands-on Support covers any instance where an engineer would need to physically hook up a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the machine.

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