Each new country’s online store is prominently advertised with a cutesy banner.

Apple sure is not standing still concerning their worldwide retail presence. The company’s been adding new brick-and-mortar retail spots around the clock (1, 2 and 3) and now the company’s online store arrives to four new countries: The United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. Together, these countries have a combined population of more than 65 million people. That Apple expanded its online retail operations to these territories is a signal of their products being sticky enough in these far-flung places to justify an Apple-run online store.

Apple is close to launching a fifth-generation iPhone and has been on a roll opening new retail stores in order to execute what appears to be their most massive product launch yet. The iPhone 5 (or whatever it is going to be called) is widely expected to land mid-October, with pre-orders expected beginning September 30. Apple has also scheduled a reset of iCloud data this coming Thursday, indicating that iOS 5 Gold Master is just around the corner.

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