T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman claims the carrier will not “get the iPhone 5 this year”. This according to what appears to be a leaked internal document (via TmoNews) including a transcript from a recent Town Hall at Field Service Center.

Of course this in no way rules out the possibility the carrier will get an iPhone 4S variant, opposed to the iPhone 5. Last we heard T-Mobile was getting ready for an All Hands Day for unknown reasons. While many expected this to be iPhone related, it appears now that meeting is more likely related to the carrier’s plans to release two new non-iPhone smartphones for the holidays.

We aren’t entirely sure what to make of the document, as it could very well be a misinformed T-Mobile employee, or confusion over the iPhone 5 and/or iPhone 4S branding that no one has confirmed. Of course, “this year” seems to imply the carrier will indeed get the device at some point.

We still expect two models of a next-gen iPhone to become available for purchase on or around October 7th. Get all the details here.

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