Following a questionable list of iPhone 5 specs seen on the website of carrier Cincinnati Bell and iPhone 5 references that surfaced in Radio Shack’s inventory system, the German branch of British multinational carrier Vodafone – which in the United States has a 45% ownership stake in Verizon Wireless – references the yet unreleased 8GB iPhone 4 model in addition to the rumored iPhone 4S.

Specifically, as first reported by, the 8GB iPhone 4 model is being referenced on the carrier’s online store, available in black and white. Last month, Reuters reported that suppliers are building the 8GB iPhone 4 model which the news gathering organization claimed was the inexpensive iPhone the rumor-mill’s been hyping about.

In addition, the site makes mention of the black and white iPhone 4S, each in 16/32/64GB flavors, confirming the findings of 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman. As for the Vodafone Germany, remember they are Apple’s high-profile partner that carries the iPhone 4 in Germany alongside Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Mobile. To get a clearer picture of the next iPhone, check out our exhaustive overview of late rumors and what we’re expecting from tomorrow’s presser.

Of course, even globally recognized carriers such as Vodafone read rumors sites such as 9to5Mac to get a better understanding of the next iPhone so this finding should be read as a yet another credible indication of the iPhone 4S rather than a definite proof of it. Apple is scheduled to disclose its next-gen iPhone plans at the ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ media event tomorrow at 10am PT, taking place at their Cupertino campus in California.

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