We’re not huge fans of the 3:01 a.m. ET pre-order that Apple has put up but it is a good way to make sure the hardcore get the first swipe at the iPhone 4S.

For the first time, US iPhone users will have a choice of three carriers with which to choose from. Obviously, the number one concern is if the carrier has good service in the area. There are some differentiators however:

  1. Sprint offers an unlimited Data Plan (Through October).
  2. AT&T’s GSM network will allow faster 14.4 Mbps (theoretical) data speeds and talk and simultaneous data and more international roaming options.
  3. Verizon and AT&T have free hotspots on their 4GB and up plans while Sprint’s is $30/month.

Here’s our continuing survey for US iPhone purchasers:

The handy chart below can help you guide your decision (Looks like Sprint is going to be the best price for most high data people):


Chart via PCMag

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