iPhone 4S iCloud TV advertisment

Following up on the first iPhone 4S Siri TV advertisement from last week, Apple has just released three new advertisements surrounding the iPhone 4S. The iCloud iPhone 4S advertisement shown above shows the out of the box iCloud integration for the iPhone 4S. Examples include downloading a song on the iPhone 4S and having it instantly appear on the user’s Mac, bookmark syncing between an iPhone 4S and an iPad 2, iWork document syncing, and Photo Stream.

New Siri and Camera ads are after the break:

iPhone 4S Camera TV advertisement

Apple’s TV advertisement about the iPhone 4S camera highlights the device’s eight megapixel sensor and advanced optics. Additionally, the commercial discussing photo editing options in the iOS 5 camera application and full Twitter integration for sharing photos.

New iPhone 4S Siri TV advertisment

Apple’s new Siri iPhone 4S advertisement, a followup to the original from last week, highlights Google Maps integration, listening to text messages, checking the weather, and hearing up a day’s appointment schedule.

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