According to German-language site, iOS 5.1 will enhance Siri with the ability to control hardware aspects of your device. In its current incarnation, Siri, a beta product exclusive to iPhone 4S, won’t let you control, say, the phone’s camera with your voice nor are you able to tell it to switch off WiFi, for example.

According to the report, iOS 5.1, the first major update, will bring some Siri extensions that include hardware control. You’ll be able to tell her to “take a picture”, the story has it, to “make a video”, “switch on/off WiFi/Bluetooth” and more. None of this is terribly surprising as Apple is of course expected to continue perfecting Siri and bring out new features such as greater control of the handset.

One could also envision a Siri API allowing users to issue commands to third-party apps and accessories, such as “open my garage door” or “post a Facebook status message saying ‘what a slow news day'”. With that in mind, skepticism is advised as is not a terribly reliable publication when it comes to peering into the crystal ball on Apple.

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