The noted jailbreak development team Chronic Dev put out a blog post yesterday that details some of the work they have been doing on a proper jailbreak for iOS 5. The group says that Apple patched the jailbreak-prone exploits found in iOS 5 betas with the release of the golden master build in mid-October. This, obviously, puts a damper on the group’s plans to release an iOS 5 jailbreak and is obviously an upset for those looking to add some tweaks to their iOS 5 devices.

Chronic Dev explains that Apple uses their iTunes-based crash reporting system in order to find these jailbreak exploits before they are released into the wild. In order to avoid losing exploits in the future, the Chronic Dev team has announced a bold move: they want to sidestep Apple, install software onto your computer, and re-route crash reports to the jailbreak development team. Doing this will allow the team to pinpoint areas in the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch operating system that are prime for jailbreak exploits. Chronic Dev explains:

Using this agglomeration of your crash reports and our ninja skills, Chronic Dev will be able to quickly pinpoint vulnerabilities in various programs by using the same techniques Apple currently employs. At the very least, your data will help point us in the direction of which applications are the most vulnerable, so we can focus our time & energy on these with laser-like intensity. And, of course, this will also prevent Apple from accessing all your valuable data, just so they can then turn around and use it against you.

If you’re interested in participating in this work with Chronic Dev, you are at your own risk. Apple is likely already working on iTunes and Mac OS X security updates to combat this move from Chronic Dev. 9to5Mac does not take a stance on jailbreaking, hacking, or this software , we are just reporting this as news. 

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