In what has become a tradition of sorts, Apple today published iTunes Rewind 2011, an annual list of the best iOS apps and games split across 21 App Store categories. Apple explains:

See what we chose as the best apps and games of the year, and stream video trailers to find out more. Plus, browser 2011’s top sellers and our favorite apps from this year in all 21 categories.

In addition to apps, charts are also available for music, movies, television shows, e-books and podcasts. They named Snapseed for the iPad App of the Year and Electronic Arts’ Dead Space for the iPad Game of the Year. As for the iPhone, Apple put Instagram at the top (runners-up were VidRhythm and Band of the Day).

Surprisingly, Apple gave Tiny Tower the iPhone Game of the Year award even though Angry Birds remains the top seller in the games category. To see the complete list in iTunes on your computer or using the App Store client on your iOS device, follow this link. As for the Mac, the Best of Mac App Store 2011 page features the cream of the crop amongst the Mac apps and games carried on the Mac App Store.

According to Apple:

The amount of astounding things we can do with our computers soared with this year’s Mac App Store launch. Now with just a click, we can download amazing apps for editing photos, designing graphics, getting things done, playing great games and more. Explore our favorites from 2011.

Pixelmator and Civilization V are the best Mac app and game, respectively. Runners-up included djay and Anomaly Warzone Earth. The full list of best games and apps of 2011 found on the Mac App Store is right below. When it comes to showbiz, Apple named Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2 for the Best Blockbuster 2011 and Bridesmaids for the Best Comedy.

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