We brought you yesterday the FBI’s file on Steve Jobs, which revealed Jobs was a candidate for a “sensitive position” in the Bush I White House in 1991. However, many seem to have missed the fact that Jobs actually did take a position. A recent report from Associated Press claimed that not only was Jobs considered for a gig, but The Commerce Department confirmed yesterday that Jobs actually held a position as an export council member in the George H.W. Bush administration to advise on international trade:

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The Commerce Department confirmed Thursday that Jobs did serve on the council during the first Bush administration. Export council members serve in an unpaid capacity and meet at least twice a year, advising the president on trade policy.

As pointed out by FINS.com in the original report of the FBI file, the publication revealed that Jobs was also given Top Secret security clearance from the Department of Defense for work conducted at Pixar from November 1988 to July 1990.

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