Apple helped Walmart build a store-within-a-store oasis for Apple products in the home state of the chain’s founder Sam Walton.

We broke the news earlier this year that Sams’s Club is exploring Apple Store-within-a-store concepts. This weekend, Apple retail news website ifoAppleStore posted numerous pictures from a Walmart in Lowell, Ark., which owns and operates Sam’s Club, that depict Apple displays within its walls akin to Best Buy’s lavish store-within-a-store creations.

An image gallery is below.

Section dividers that double as backlit-signs loom over familiar wooden tables bearing live demo units for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod variants. Notice the setup is not a mess, but rather what some would even call an “Oasis of tranquility” in an otherwise sea of confusion.

The in-store retreat drastically updates Walmart’s generic electronics arrangement, but ifoAppleStore mentioned the overhaul may just be a prototype for the Sam’s Club store-within-a-store expansion concept.

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