As pointed out by MacStories, Apple recently removed trials for the iWork suite and Aperture 3 from The webpage formerly home to the iWork trial now includes a message informing users that iWork apps, such as Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, are available through the Mac App Store. Apple removed the trial for a short while last year before returning it; however, the company also informed users last month that the Beta service would shut down July 31. Apple does not currently offer trial versions of the $20 Mac Store apps.

The trial version of iWork is no longer supported. But you can easily purchase Keynote, Pages, and Numbers from the Mac App Store to start creating beautiful presentations, documents, and spreadsheets today.

As for Aperture, Apple also removed its trial webpage and replaced it with a similar message informing users of availability on the Mac App Store. Like iWork, Apple does not currently offer a trial of the Mac App Store version of Aperture 3, which sells for $79.99. The move is not a huge shock given Apple has transitioned its biggest software releases to the Mac App Store including Final Cut Pro and OS X. Although FCPX still has a 30-day trial available online, it is possible Apple could make free trial versions of the iWork and Aperture apps available through the Mac App Store in the future.

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