Great post over at Fortune on all of the shaky evidence surrounding Apple’s panel (iPanel?) TV.  More to the point, the reasons why Apple wouldn’t choose to make a TV

  • The market is crowded with low-cost producers
  • The margins are terrible
  • The machines are big and heavy and often require professional installation
  • They need large retail display areas and lots of warehouse space
  • There’s no single global market. (It’s NTSC in the U.S., PAL in Europe.)
  • People tend hold on to the TVs for decades. (Apple prefers to sell products that get frequently replaced — every two years for iPhones, every three years or so for Macs.)
  • Dealing with the cable companies that control the local delivery of content is like dealing with mob.

What if “Jobs cracked the TV” just means an inexpensive Siri-controlled set-top box that does Airplay really well?

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