Apple appears to be testing new notification messages on its website much like those introduced with a redesigned notification system in iOS 5 (via MacRumors). The notification currently only displays the text “Default Title for English- This is a test message description,” so it is obvious that Apple let this one slip accidentally. The icon sitting on the notification banner is the icon Apple uses to signify troubleshooting, help, and system status. It is very possible that this notification is a test for possible iCloud service status notifications in the future.

Apple’s upcoming OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion also contains a built-in Notification Center system with banners, and the operating system allows websites running in the new version of Safari to send native banners. For this reason, it is unclear why Apple would test a notification solution on the website when its next-generation operating system includes the same functionality, but in a native manner. However, it is possible that Apple is testing these notifications for users not running Mountain Lion. Apple said that OS X Mountain Lion would be available in late summer.

As brought up by a number of readers, Apple could be creating this web-based notification system for users on someone else’s computer or for Windows users.

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