We know that Apple has been busy tweaking their iCloud.com website and testing new features like iOS 5-like notification banners, and now it appears that Apple is expanding the website’s web-application library. If you head to beta.icloud.com, you will see a beta-version of the iCloud.com website that includes new Reminders and Notes applications. Currently, we are unable to login, but we have been able to load the new icon grid. It is hard to tell if these new apps are something Apple trashed for the original iCloud website release or if Apple is planning on bringing them to the site. The 2012 marking on the bottom may support the latter.  Thanks, Steven Troughton-Smith

Update: It looks like Apple is showing and hiding the iCloud.com beta website sporadically. But we’ve got some more screenshots after the break. Let us know if you spot anything new.

Update 2: Reader Tom K. has discovered direct references to an upcoming iOS 6 beta in the code strings for this iCloud beta. From what we assume, it looks like Apple is going to unleash a new beta version of iCloud.com at WWDC and require the iOS 6 beta to run it:

Update 3: There is also a developer.icloud.com page.

This morning we broke the news that iOS 6 will include an all new Maps app, dropping the Google Maps backend.

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